Friday, March 22, 2013

Last But NOT Least

There is a dearth of blogging about my third child on this blog. It makes me sad. I really hope that he doesn’t care later in life. He has no medical condition that I need to write about for therapy, and he’s just entering the age where he gives me good blog fodder. I really hope that he doesn’t think that it reflects how I feel about him.  

I love Coen. He’s going to be two in a few months and I’m not looking forward to him growing up. He’s amazing how he is and I want him to stay this age forever!

He talks way more than either of his brothers did at his age. His vocabulary is astonishing. He has standard words like daddy, bye bye, hi, etc. But he’s got some cute Coenisms that I’d love to share.

He struggles with the word mommy. So he says “moni (mah-nee),” which is also what he calls money and monkeys. It used to bother me that he doesn’t say the word right, he used to be able to say mommy just fine. However, now I like it. It’s something neither of his brothers did, and it reminds me of my nickname in World of Warcraft which was Moni, short for Monicola.

He calls almost all drinkable liquids “apple juice.” He just recently started calling other juices, “juice.” But water, milk, and most other drinks are “apple juice.”

“Ate Moni (Ah-tae Mah-nee).” Once in a while he’ll pull this one out. Ate is a Filipino word used for older people in the family, sisters, aunts, yayas. But not mommies. Mommies are just mommy. The yayas think it’s so funny when he says this.

Coen is also athletic. He runs after his brothers as fast as his little legs will take him. Since he’s only 16 months younger than Simon, he’s not much shorter. Therefore once his coordination improves he won’t be behind Simon much at all. He’s only a bit behind him, as it is.

He loves to play outside. Once released from a door it’s an international incident to get him back inside before he’s ready. It usually takes proper motivation to get him back in. Usually food works.

Coen will eat almost anything you put in front of him. We stopped giving him baby food and bottles at 10 months. He was done with them, and that was fine with us. Since he started eating from the table at such a young age, he’s the least picky eater of them all. I really wish we’d done this with Simon too.

Since he’ll be two in a few months, there’ll be another similar post in a few months. But since he’s super cute and starting to provide more blog fodder, hopefully you’ll hear more about him before then.


Playing with the water table he got for Christmas. After this slip ‘n slide adventure we put down towels around it instead of just one side.

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