Sunday, March 24, 2013


We have the house to ourselves for a week. We’ll probably have a gardner here tomorrow(he’ll need to make sure he gets paid). Oh, and our pool man will come on Monday and Wednesday morning for an hour.

Other than that…no helpers (It’s a good thing I don’t work yet. otherwise, what would I do with two little kids?!). No guests. No body but us. But that doesn’t last for long. Starting next weekend we’ll have guests for almost a month straight. And after a brief respite another guest for three weeks.

I’m quite excited for guests. We’ll have been here for eight months by the time our first guests arrive. I can’t remember the last time I went eight months without seeing someone from the States (from my past, mind you. of course I see plenty of people at the Embassy). It must be years.

But without helpers until after our first guests arrive, it means we’ll be cleaning. If you know me even a little bit, you’ll know that there isn’t much I hate more than cleaning. Strangely enough, I don’t mind going to a friends to help out if they’re unable to do it themselves. And I don’t mind the floors actually (I’ve liked doing floors since I got my Oreck vacuum as a wedding present.), but this is a large house full of toilets and showers and so many things that collect dust. Luckily I have two other able bodied people in the house to clean with me. I’m sure the guests will just be happy to be done with their 30-ish hours of travel, and to see their son and grand children.

Tomorrow, Simon has his first photo shoot. Oh, have we not told you? Simon’s doing a photo shoot tomorrow for the biggest retailer in the Philippines. He and Coen were scouted at Burger King on Simon’s birthday. Now Simon’s with a talent agency and will get paid and possibly be on billboards or something.

Then in October Malachi and Simon will be in a runway show. Coen isn’t being pursued yet. We think it’s because he doesn’t have much hair. It’s really too bad because he’s so cute.

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