Thursday, August 26, 2010


The kids are doing really well. Malachi's enjoying school and is learning his letters, numbers, Spanish letters, swimming (on the days it's not raining), playing with play-doh (making numbers), eating snacks (that I pack, and ones from his friends), eating lunch, amongst other things. The last two days he's come home with an amazing amount of energy so I wonder if they've been putting the nap mats and blankets to good use. Either that or he's acclimated to the schedule. Wish I could say the same about myself. He made up a phrase "Holy Scheckmoes" his friends from school think it's really funny. I laugh when he says it.

Simon is also doing well. We had a fairly normal day today. He slept in this morning - we had to wake him at 7 to feed him before we left. He's up on his knees rocking, sometimes up on his hands, sometimes up on his elbows. Sometimes the front of his body isn't up at all. He's sitting really well now. Although grocery carts are still a challenge. He sometimes falls over onto his face. He's not a fan of that.

Johnathan (this is what he goes by at the Embassy, apparently it's becoming natural for me) is still working away. He often comes home with interesting, funny, and heart breaking stories about his interviews. Since we got here we've had a couple of American deaths (John's not dealing with those yet) and near deaths. It's always hard to hear stories like this. I don't envy the Officers doing American Citizen Services. John will do that before he leaves - he'll probably start next year some time. He went and saw Inception the other night with a friend. He says it's amazing. I'll see it some day.

I'm still trying to figure out school. I need to check with DBU (Dallas Baptist University) to figure out how many credits I can transfer in before I start at Ecclessia. If I get my butt moving I can probably start in September - probably not though. I'd have to register for that by the end of next week. Hm. I might be able to pull that off. I also need to fill out FAFSA but have had a hard time with that because I can't find our tax papers and figure out how much I made separately from John. My Spanish classes at the Embassy are going well. We're being taught a ton and I'm not remembering to study at home. I so need to do that.

I'm going out tonight to see a Ryan Reyolds film from 2008 with a friend (she saw Inception with her hubby two weeks ago). Why am I seeing a 2008 film? Because it's playing in the VIP theater (reclining leather seats with drink and food service in the theater - even a little button to call the attendants. It's not quite as awesome as the Love Sac theater in Dallas because there are no blankets. It's really close though.) and my girlfriend and I want to go out. Her hubby's away, and I'm burnt out.

I need to update photos on flickr and facebook. It's been a while, and I have plenty to add. We'll see when I actually get to that. Who knew that sending my child away for close to nine hours a day would actually make me busier than I was this summer. Well...all the school age moms did, but I didn't!


Sarah said...

Glad to know everyone is doing well! Sounds like Malachi is really likes school! I'm sure that makes it easier to send him. Does he really get to swim at school? I'm jealous!

Kristen said...

It sounds like you guys are really settling in well and quite busy! A girls night out sounds like a great break, but you're right, it would be hard to beat the one in Dallas. I lived in East Texas for awhile and remember it well!!

Sara said...

Sarah - he does get to swim! On the days it's not raining that is. The "green" season (as it's now being called) will be over in about a month and a half and he'll get to swim more. He LOVES that part of school. And he's never had swim lessons so this is good.

Kristen - a good movie at the Love Sac theater sounds so good right now. I might have to visit that place when we're in Dallas next.

And girls night was great!