Monday, August 9, 2010

Dream a little (or BIG) Dream for me...

My blog friend who lives in Manila is a life coach. She helped her Filipino client realize he doesn't know how to dream. She noticed that a lot of Filipino's don't know how to dream. It's not something their culture lets them do.

She appreciates that Americans know how to dream and she put down in words some of her dreams. She asked her readers to comment with some of theirs. I put down some realized and not yet realized dreams. I then thanked her for encouraging this, and then I thought...this would make a great blog entry of my own.'s the list that I put on her blog.

Realized dreams:

marry an amazing man
have child 1
have child 2
to not live check to check
getting a job in CR
running two 5K's

Dreams I'm dreaming:

being out of debt
having child 3, 4, 5...6?
seeing my children growing into amazing people
finishing my bachelor's degree in Management
running a 10K

So...what are YOUR dreams?


My Life Unfolded said...

that is pretty powerful I really like your post it was encouraging to me. thanks for sharing!

Steph said...

Finish school
Travel the world
Fall in love
Write a book
Be happy

Sara said...

Those are great dreams sister! Love you!