Friday, August 6, 2010

First tooth!!!

He's officially cut his first tooth! It's still barely there, but it's there. I expected to be up all night the night this happened, but I didn't have to get up once last night - woot!!

**long break to feed baby, and make French Toast for Malachi and I**

After thinking about it some more this morning I realized he was probably cutting yesterday. He didn't sleep much in the morning and feeding times were a bit hard in the morning. He was much better by the afternoon though.

I Skyped with John last night - he feels (and looks) a lot better. He was using a friend's computer instead of the one at the resort and he had good internet. Their Friday is winding down (unless it'll be a late night), and mine is just beginning. I was up very late last night doing the State Dept Blog Roundup, so I'm a bit sleepy. I might try to catch some more z's while Malachi is watching TV.

I'm heading into work again today...but I think you already knew that. My brain is close to working on auto-pilot, it'll probably reach this point this weekend when I have NO plans and the minutes until John's arrival S L O W L Y dwindle by.

I considered applying for a full time HR position, but I like my job. I'll stay where I am.

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