Sunday, February 14, 2010

Jaundiced, and Home

Friday night we discovered after some blood work was done that Simon had an elevated bilirubin number and needed phototherapy in the nursery. Unfortunately we didn't get a picture of him in the tanning bed, we wanted to because he was so cute, but we forgot to bring the camera over.

His bili number continued to rise until last night, so until this morning he stayed in the nursery except for feeding times. Last night we found out that his number had taken a turn for the better when it started going down! Yay!! This morning the pediatrician released him from the phototherapy and the hospital! I prayed hard that Simon would be able to come home with us instead of staying and he did! God continues to answer my prayers and show himself faithful. The discharge process took a few hours (very, very long hours to John who was so ready to leave).

When we got home Malachi and our great friend who took care of him this weekend, surprised us (jumping out from behind the couch and everything) with a super clean apartment and some homemade cards and signs. John and I were both very curious about how Malachi would react to Simon. When we revealed the little, Malachi approached very carefully and aptly commented that he was sleeping. Malachi tried to kiss him awake and was sad it didn't work. Simon slept through his tour of the apartment, and being transferred between parents and friends. Finally when we checked his diaper and found it wet he started crying and waking up. Poor Malachi doesn't like it when Simon cries.

After the diaper change I fed him and he promptly went back to sleep. He still has an elevated level of bilirubin so he's still very lethargic. He took a very long nap this afternoon, so I woke him up to change his diaper and feed him. We had a great experience and he even stayed awake for a while before going back to sleep. Malachi was able to hold him for the first time tonight. They had an instant connection. When Malachi is around Simon, Simon's eyes follow his voice.

Here are some more pictures of the wonderful little boy in our lives. We have a ton more, we're going to have to put them online somewhere.


Morgan said...

Ooo are those the matching pants? Malachi looks like a natural :o).

Sara said...

They are matching pants! I'm so glad someone noticed!

Sarah said...

Simon looks so tiny in Malachi's arms!

Crystal said...

Your picture of Malachi and Simon is just so sweet!!! Praying for that bili level to drop drastically. Keep waking up to feed him : ) The only way he is going to get that stuff out is peeing and pooping. I assume you are nursing? I am a lactation counselor if you need anything or havve questions.

Blessings to you~

Jill said...

Oh I remember having a jaundice baby... though I had to RETURN to the hospital with her and stay the night... I cried for several hours as I just wanted to be home with her.

Great photo of your little guys. You're very blessed.