Monday, February 8, 2010

5 Days and Yes, I Am Counting

John has a three day weekend this weekend with President's Day on Monday the 15th. He can't take leave during the birth/homecoming of the baby because we'd lose per diem for the apartment and would have to pay for it ourselves the days we use leave. Since we're certainly not doing that, I decided that the three day weekend was too good to pass up.

So after discussing it with John, and then after we discussed it with the Dr at last week's appointment we decided to schedule an induction. I got a call from the Dr's office on Friday morning saying that I'm scheduled for the induction on Friday morning at 9am. I have to go in on Thursday night to spend the night to do some pre-induction stuff. We're to arrive there at 8:00pm Thursday night. There's a small chance that the medication they give me on Thursday night can actually send me into labor, but I'll probably take some Benadryl that night to make sure I sleep. Otherwise I don't imagine that sleep will come easily with all that excitement.

Malachi's very excited about spending the weekend with our friend. I don't know what they'll do all weekend, and I feel for my friend who doesn't have a car, but she's usually really good with Malachi so I bet she can think of something.

With the snowstorm this weekend, we've spent almost all weekend inside. The boys ventured outside on Saturday and then yesterday we went out with some friends to do some sledding. I was outside for maybe 45 minutes and from all the walking around and going through snow I was really sore. The government is closed today so John has the day off. So far it's been just like any other weekend day and it's been very confusing for me.


Jill said...

I counted down too ... and was also induced. Best of luck to you!

Crystal said...

How exciting for you all!!!! For our first daughter I was induced on the 12th, but it didn't work and I went into labor on my own on the sixteenth of Feb. 2002. I just thought the dates were very similar : ) God Bless and I will be praying for you four~

LeesOnTheGo said...

Happy Snowstorm week! You'll have a great story to tell this baby when they grow up...born the week of the biggest storm in 10 years! =)

I have 2 little boys who were both induced. I'm really glad that this is the route we took. I'm sure it's all going to go great for you!