Friday, February 10, 2012


Traveling alone is easy. Maybe too easy - there's no challenge in it. I went through airport security in less than five minutes. I ate my airplane snack in peace. I did a large chunk of History homework before landing. I went through immigration and customs amazingly fast. I went to a friend's house for dinner and ate in peace - without feeding a child. I woke up to the sounds of Latin America instead of a child poking me or talking to my husband. I didn't prepare a school snack, or force anyone into a school uniform, or send anyone off to the school bus. Instead I've been taking  my time with email and facebook. I've been chatting with an old friend (tangent: I've never met this person in real life, but would consider her a friend thanks to WoW and fb, amazing how things work these days), and my "sister-in-law" and lazying around. I will get to homework...eventually.

So thanks to John (who is doing all of the aforementioned work) I've been relaxing since I got through security at the airport in San Jose. It's a little hard to do though.

Why do moms have this "curse." Why is it so hard to take time for us? I don't mean a couple of hours for some time at the salon, but I mean four days in another country to hang loose and relax. It's not like our husbands are incapable, shoot, mine is more capable than me! The world will not end if I'm not there to help! The kids will not be damaged by me being gone for four days! Why oh why then do I feel a bit guilty (just a bit really) for indulging in some me time? Moms? Can you answer that?


Laurie said...

Do you remember when I went to AL with Mom, Dad, and Mark? The second day we were on the road we had stopped for the day and were eating dinner and I said that something just did not feel right. about 10 seconds later I realized what it was and I asked Mark if I could cut up his meat. I know EXACTLY what you're going through. I can tell you that for me, it felt wrong when you 2 grew up, until I had grandchildren!

Bfiles said...

It was really great meeting you! And I was thinking as we sat there how wonderful it was that you were here giving yourself a break, spending time with good friends. Try to sit back and let yourself enjoy it!

Sara said...

Becky, I'm really glad we met. I love meeting bloggers in real life.

Mom, I do remember that trip. Isn't that when Steph was potty trained by grandma?