Wednesday, February 4, 2009

This one doesn't have a title!

John, Malachi and I had a great weekend! John's brother Ben and his wife Sarah came down on Friday morning and left yesterday morning. We (John and I) haven't seen them since last March.

Friday Sarah was gone after lunch because she was a bridesmaid in a wedding on Saturday. We didn't see her again until Saturday evening. Ben and John hung out on Friday afternoon, going shopping for a video camera for Ben and Sarah, and hanging out with Val (Ben and Sarah stayed with her). Friday night we enjoyed pizza at our house with Val and then Ival, Sarah, and Peggy came over and we played some games. Ben killed us in Scattegories and we had a very fun time of Presidents (known by other names, of which I wont mention on this blog) where Sarah Dotson ended as Pres, and I as Vice.

Saturday morning John's parents arrived in town (they were invited to the wedding), and the whole family (minus Sarah :( ) hung out for a while until lunch when the grandparents took the boy and the kids got to go out for great Mexican.

Then John and I were on our own for a long time while his parents, brother, and sister-in-law were all at the wedding. It was very weird to have all that free time. I decorated the apartment, cleaned and napped. That night we had John's birthday party. It was a great time, unfortunately not many showed up. Only two non-family people came. Sorry John :(

I had a couple of surprises for him that were real surprises (very rare because I suck at keeping secrets). The first was his b-day cake. I made him a cookie monster cake this year because it was his favorite when he was a kid. He almost found out about that one a few times because it was so hard to keep it hidden while he was there. I was frosting it Saturday morning and there were a couple of times where we had to guard the cake from his view. When he saw it on Saturday night he laughed and smiled so big. It was so worth the trouble!

The second surprise was a video I made for him. Well, rather it was a video he made that I put on DVD. It was a video project for his English class in 11th grade. I stumbled upon it thinking it was the video of Malachi's sonogram. That was a big surprise for him. We watched it and laughed seeing him so long ago, and besides that it was a funny video.

Sunday we had a family brunch at our place and went to take some family photos. We were on the way to a wooded area on campus when Ben spotted a little ghetto playground we have in our complex. He decided it would be fun to take some shots there so we did, and they're actually pretty cute. Unfortunately half of Malachi's face is cut off in one of them. Thank you Ival for coming over and taking some shots of us with our four cameras (that was a pretty funny sight).

We hung out until John's parents left and then went over to Valeries house for dinner and Super Bowl. Val made a very, very good Ribs dinner and the game was a pretty fun one to watch. The commercials were pretty good, but the next day we didn't really remember many of them. After the game we watched the movie Get Smart. None of us but Val had seen it before and it was pretty enjoyable. I'd never seen the show so I didn't get a lot of the inside jokes.

Monday was John's birthday so when Malachi woke us up in the morning (after 7 - thank you!) I got our cards for him signed and his presents wrapped and we did that right off the bat. He liked his presents, yay! After we took Malachi to school we took Sarah and Ben to the Tutankhamen exhibit at the art museum. It was an hour and a half of Egypt and it was awesome! We checked on ticket prices to Egypt when we got home because we all wanted to go (it was surprisingly cheap). We all thought we'd be seeing the body of said Pharaoh, but apparently he's never left the Valley of Kings. I think that was the only dissaapointment.

We got Malachi from school a little early and headed to our favorite Chinese restaurant for dumplings mmm... We had a relaxing day at the apartment while Malachi napped and while we waited around until the babysitter came at 7. The adults then hung out at the pub where everyone but me got fish and chips (I got a burger (which I'll never do again). We hung out there for over two hours playing cards, talking to our server (who was very nice), and just enjoying the child free atmosphere for a bit.

On Tuesday we had a pancake breakfast and hung out for a couple of hours until Ben and Sarah left.

We had such a good time with them, I wish we got to see them more often.

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