Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Counting down the hours.

In about 24 hours we leave our apartment and set out on a journey of great importance.

We'll drop Malachi off at my friends house. Originally he was going to stay with our "Texas Parents" but "momma" got sick. Please pray for her, she has a tumor on her back and it needs to be removed ASAP. So tomorrow morning he goes over to his friend Rachel's house. Thank you Ginger for doing this so last minute. Malachi's very excited to stay with you guys.

John and I are going to be leaving our car at his job since it's just a couple of miles from the airport and his coworker is going to drop us off. We arrive in Atlanta at 3:00pm. We'll go check in and at some point we're going to do a practice walk to the Department of State building and watch LOST. My TV fast will be done tomorrow (yay!) so we'll get to catch up on some of our shows this weekend. We'll be going to bed early because it's a very early morning on Friday.

John plans on getting up at 5:30 to get ready in time. I believe he wants to leave at 6:30. Friday when John's at his Oral Assessment (OA) I'm going to the World of Coke and the CNN studio. Friday night's activites will depend on if he passed the OA. We're going out to celebrate if he does and if he doesn't (which I don't think will happen) we'll be getting some food and probably hanging out in the room.

We fly out of Atlanta at 1:00 on Saturday afternoon and get home at 3:00. We'll then go get our son and have a quiet night at home.

Everyone will be celebrating Valentine's Day, but John and I don't celebrate it on 2/14 anymore because it's too expensive and busy around town. Plus who can get a babysitter on VDay?! John proposed to me on March 14th, 2001 so starting this year we're going to celebrate on that day instead.

I've had a sore back since Sunday. I wore a dress that's too tight and now the muscles in my back are very stiff and sore when I sit for a long time or lay down for a long time. So, since I sit at work for four hours, it's pretty sore during that time and when I go home. Please keep me in your thoughts and prayers while I'm flying since movement is so restricted.

We'll keep everyone posted about the OA on Friday.


Sarah said...

So excited for you guys and the Atlanta adventure. We will be keeping everyone in our prayers.

Side note - Take Advil for your back. It will help reduce the inflammation in your back muscles.

Stephanie Ann said...

I can't wait to find out what will happen! This is so exciting!