Thursday, February 26, 2009

Anticipation is the worst!

Tomorrow John, Malachi, and I all have our physicals for medical clearance. These are the most extensive physicals that we'll ever have had. I'm really not looking forward to this.

Until recently I've been pretty shameless about my body (when it came to doctors) but the thought of anyone but John seeing me naked is a bit upsetting. I realize it's a doctor but still, I don't like it. John will be in the waiting room with Malachi. I kind of wish he could come in with me, but apparently he doesn't even want to come in with me.

After our appointments Malachi has his at his pediatrician's office. I got a referal from that office for the doctor that we're going to, so it's in the same building. I really like that. We weren't given a list of doctors by the Department of State that does these crazy extensive physicals so I had to call around and ask people. I started with doctors in my area and was having really bad luck. Finally I called the Pediatritians office and got a referal. The nurses and all the staff that I talked to have all been very nice and very helpful. I guess that's a plus.

Then tomorrow night John and I are babysitting baby Karis. Our friends had her about 4 months ago and this is our first time babysitting her. I'm really excited. Her mommy is Korean (adopted) and her daddy is white, so Karis is a beautiful mix of them both.

For those who don't know, we've been trying to get pregnant for 10 months. John stated last night his desire to try harder. I don't really know what that means for us but we're both really ready for another. Please pray that the Lord would bless us with another child.


Laurie said...

i forgot to ask you how the exams went! hope it wasn't horrible. i did pray for you, so they should have been a breeze! ;)

wow! your hair is so dark, but i like it...a lot.

is there anywhere that i can get online and see the video of malachi that john made while i was there in november?

Laurie said...
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