Sunday, June 12, 2011

Life with Three

Right now, life with three is easier than expected. Of course Coen isn't doing much, but I truly expected it to be much harder right away.

The last few days have been filled with feedings and diapers for me, and cooking and taking care of the older two for John. Coen is eating tons still, and is spacing out his feedings. Our bosses (my supervisor is married to John's boss) came today to see him.

I'm recovering pretty well. I've been able to even help around the house a little bit. Getting sleep is the hardest thing, although with him spacing out his feedings I got a bit more last night and should get more tonight - I hope.

Malachi is sick. This is horrible for him, but I feel bad because I can't just cuddle up with him. It also means he has to stay away from Coen. That's sad because he loves Coen. Simon may also have the same cold, we're not sure if he's sick or just teething.

Life with three should get very exciting in a few months though.


Jill said...

Congrats again!

And life with 3 is easy at this stage ... it's when they're mobile and you're torn in 3 different directions that it's a tad more difficult.

Z. Marie said...

My mom -- who has 11 kids -- always has said that from the third kid on that she didn't think the new one created much more work. (Of course, that might have been because she had the older kids to do a lot of the work.) Good luck!