Saturday, June 4, 2011

June 10th

June 10th was the last day of school, I thought (it's actually the 9th). I told the baby that he could come on June 10th, or any day after. Recently when the pregnancy got difficult I began telling him that I'm full term on the 3rd and that he could come anytime after that. Today I found out why the pregnancy got so difficult. Here's my status update from Facebook: 

37 week check up: 
Ultrasound: check 
arrhythmia gone: check 
head down: check
size of abdomen (in weeks): 37 weeks 5 days
size of femur (in weeks): 38 weeks 5 days
size of head (in weeks): 39 weeks 3 days
weight of baby: 7.6 lbs
original due date: 6/24/2011
due date due to size of baby: 6/11/2011 

This kid is humongous! Do you "see" the size of his head?! I have to push that out of me! I could go into labor any day. My hopes are that he waits until the pump and diapers arrive. I also hope they arrive before next Friday. 


Smallbits said...

Wow you are almost done. Best of luck!

Bfiles said...

wow! thinking of you and wishing you a quick, easy, healthy delivery!