Friday, September 3, 2010


I wrote this yesterday...I'm busy!

Today I went to the gym at the embassy. I did that last Friday, Sunday, and Monday. I can't go Tuesday and Wednesday because of work, so I was back today. I remembered a running program that my friend's trainer put her on. It. Is. Amazing. I was only on the treadmill for about 20 minutes but I did almost a mile and a half and looked (and probably smelled) like I'd been on for an hour. Here's the program I do, it's not the exact same one she does (her speeds are much higher and I don't know what she does for warm up and cool down).

Warm up: 5 minutes walking, increasing speed every 60 to 90 seconds
Run: 5.5 mph for 30 seconds
Walk: 3.7 mph for 30 seconds
Run: 6.0 mph for 30 seconds
Walk: 3.7 mph for 30 seconds
Run: 6.5 mph for 30 seconds
Walk: 3.7 mph for 30 seconds
Cool down: Walking for approximately five minutes similarly to the warm up with decrese in speed instead of increase

I did the run/walk cycle three times with the second to last walk only being 15 seconds and the last run being a minute, and boy was that a hard minute! I really had to push myself to make it the whole 60 seconds. If you like to run (even if you don't but you like to sweat) I highly suggest this. Adjust it of course to your ability just as I did.

I also did weights. I really like doing weights. John doesn't like very muscular women so I'm keeping the equipment at the lowest resistance possible. I'm just toning I guess. Toning is good - and husband approved! I need some advice on my rear end though! I'm suffering from what many postpartum women call flat butt. Not that I had much of one before Malachi was born, but since the pregnancies, it's gotten really bad. What do you postpartum women do for the flatbutt syndrome?

**Back to today**

I have so many things I can share with y'all. But I have to get ready to leave for the morning. Today on the docket - highlights! I'm not excited about the process - it's boring! Maybe I'll bring my latest book. A National Geographic history of the US from 1492 to the Present (probably 2008). did you know that Pocahontas didn't marry John Smith? I didn't! But she married John Rolfe - and she died of what is assumed was small pox at the young age of approximately 21! Crazy! She was very well received in England too - even the King received her well. I would've thought she would've been an outcast.

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Brooke said...

Good for you! I have the opposite butt problem, so I don't have a lot of tips about that - sorry!
But, you should look into different weight lifting programs - the conventional ideas about the weights that men and women should be lifting aren't so conventional any more. I was really concerned about 'bulking' up and so I didn't want to lift heavy weights at the gym, but as it turns out, most women don't naturally have enough testosterone to bulk up. It is difficult for many women to look super muscle-y without eating noxious body building garbage. I have found that more weight and fewer reps has toned me better than more reps at lower weights.

But good luck whatever you decide to do :)