Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Whistle While You Work

P whistles while she works sometimes. I tend to associate whistling with happiness, so I like to hear it.

I can't whistle - not well anyway. But I am working a lot this week. My boss couldn't work yesterday so I covered for her, it's just a day more than normal but it's weird.

I've been busy with work stuff and Spanish class and other things I don't want to make public to the whole world yet. You'll hear in good time - well maybe it'll be a couple of months. No, it's not baby making. However, we have thought we'd try to do that again.

There are many reasons to try to have numero tres in Costa Rica, a few of them being: I have a maid to help me out during the end of the pregnancy and after having a baby; the hospital here is really, really nice, which leads to...I wouldn't have to medivac and be separated from John for three months; if we have numero tres here then we immediately move into the bigger house at the next post instead of having to move while at the next post; if we have numero tres here then we get to show him/her off during home leave and everyone can meet him/her.

I'm very excited about this and I hope that it happens soon. In order to have the baby in Costa Rica I have to get pregnant by June. I really don't want to have the baby right before we move though so I'd like to get pregnant really soon. I know it's not long, but if I'm not pregnant by the New Year I'd like to start hormones. It's how I got pregnant with Malachi.

It's not anything crazy or really expensive. I was on progesterone for 15 days and that would induce ovulation. I got pregnant the first or second month with that method. I'd really like to have some time between giving birth and moving away but we'll see how it plays out.

I realize I never blogged about our trip to Tortuguero. And now it feels like it's too far away to blog about it. Check out John's blog for a great description.

We got Malachi's report from school on Sunday night. He's doing great and is progressing well. He cries to get his way less and responds to instructions to use his words. I'm very happy about this because of course that's not tolerated at home either. He doesn't get to swim as much as he'd like because it's rainy season and it's an outdoor pool. That'll end though and the swim lessons will pick up.

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