Thursday, May 20, 2010

Black Out Curtains

The day we moved in I knew that Malachi's room had black out curtains. I didn't realize that they were also in Simon's and our rooms too. But as soon as I found out, and figured out how to use them (the bars installed by the Embassy were getting in the way) I started using them in our room. I think they've been effective at helping Simon sleep in.

This morning he slept until about 7:15 I think. That means he went about 12 hours from the beginning of his feeding last night until when he woke up this morning. Not only did he sleep in, he woke up happy! He was smiling and cooing with daddy and when I got into the room he was smiling and cooing with me. He was very excited to see us!

What a great beginning to the day. I really needed it too because I got to sleep until six when Malachi woke us up. It helped for my morale today also. Yesterday was kind of a depressing day. I think I've been with out a car for too long (oh btw, car is NOT in the country. The new ETA is the 29th). I really have a hard time being stuck at home. I guess I don't really know what I'd do if I did have a car. Although there is a really nice mall not far from here that me and the boys could go to. One of my neighbors owns a shop there too. Having the car will mean that I'll be making appointments though. I need to make a Well Check appointment for Simon at 4 months, and everyone with teeth in this family needs to see a dentist.

I wish I knew my neighbors more. It's so hard since I don't know if people speak English. I have met people from four of the houses and they all speak English. I haven't really built a relationship with them though.


Anonymous said...

A report about an Earthquake on CR came accross my desk and I wanted to make sure you guys were ok.

I have enjoyed your blog for quite some time and hope you enjoy your tim in CR.


Sara said...

That was fast! We're good, it was small. It startled me because it was my first ever earthquake. Thanks for checking on us!

A Daring Adventure said...

Oh no! So sorry about the car. :(

But so happy about the sleep! When they sleep, man... that makes all the difference in the WORLD.