Wednesday, January 16, 2008

change of plans

So my mother and sister are very sick with a flu bug that I don't feel like catching. Unfortunately that means that I wont be going to stay with them like I thought I would. It makes me very, very sad and I was pretty depressed when I found out. If they're 100% better on Saturday I'm still going to the photo shoot that we have scheduled. I've been praying that they would be completely better. It would really suck if I was up here for ten days and didn't get to see them at all.

So, I'm going back to Ben and Sarah's house on Friday night and staying at the lake (Rick and Mickey's (my husband's parents)) until then.

Malachi, I've learned, isn't a very big fan of winter. When he visited the lake in September he was able to go INto the lake and now in the winter he's only able to go ONto the lake. He wasn't expecting that and he was very disappointed that he couldn't go in the lake. He also has quite a dislike for the cold, cold wind in his face. However, he does like to eat the snow! I wouldn't let him crawl on the ground and eat the snow this time, which didn't make him happy.

But after we came inside the garage, he was very happy to go sit in grandpa's boat and "drive" it. The garage is heated so we'll probably play in there a little bit today in his car. He really liked that in September and I'm sure he'd like it again.

Oh, and it was brought to my attention that I should mention that Malachi chooses to go into Zoe's house and is not in any form coerced or forced to do so. He has also been in Zoe's house at the lake :)

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