Friday, October 26, 2007

Saw the White

One of the things about your child teething is that before the tooth cuts (the act of coming through the gums) you can see the tooth right under the gums. I was told this by someone when his third or fourth tooth was coming in over a year ago. Last night I tried to get a look into the top of his mouth - which is a lot harder than getting a look into the bottom of his mouth - and I saw white under his gums on his upper left side. That made me very excited! I didn't get a look on the right side, not enough time :(

Malachi is very excited this morning because he gets to see Grandma!! Grandma hasn't seen him since they brought him down after our trip, so she also is very excited to see him. She called a couple of weeks ago to ask if she could come down and then immediately proceeded to offer to babysit. Free babysitter = awesome! It didn't take long for me to accept this offer.

There was a couple living at Courts of Praise (my apartment complex on campus) a while back that used to do free babysitting and us for them also. It was a great arrangement and she was available a lot. Since they've moved away finding babysitters hasn't been the easiest.

John and I tend to plan things last minute so we're usually looking for babysitters for that night, or even in a couple of hours, or couple of minutes. Most people aren't like us and don't wait to make plans, so they're busy. We're usually pretty excited to find one when we're in that kind of situation.

Any who...John's getting ready for work, Malachi is using his corn popper to "vacuum" the apartment and I'm writing to y'all hoping that you'll get some great insight into our lives.

I'm so happy that it's Friday! Oh! Speaking of Friday's I'm starting to volunteer for my worship Pastor today. I'll go to the church on Fridays and put the musician's music books together. Should be a pretty easy job. Today I'm happy to have Grandma with us so she can keep Malachi occupied so he doesn't play his wonderful songs on the piano for an hour or two.

Ok, I think that's it for now.

Love to all!

Watch this video and watch the awesome Chinese woman do this exercise. I say in the video that it's not attached, and I mean it. This is awesome.

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