Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Malachi's sick?

**Disclaimer there are a couple of references to a normal human function that is quite icky.**

I don't know anymore if he really is sick, or if he has symptoms that make him seem and look sick because he's going through a normal two year old process. Which process, you ask? The horrible (for him and us) process of teething.

Last week I noticed that Malachi had two more teeth on his bottom jaw. I wondered to myself how long they'd been there and why I didn't notice them before they were almost completely in (brushing his teeth doesn't happen as much as it should and his mouth doesn't stay open all the way for long before he notices that his toothbrush tastes like bubble gum and it's a lot of fun to chew on the bristles). I noticed Monday while he was crying that he didn't have his upper two year molars yet - so I realized at that point that we had more teething coming up.

This morning when I was feeding Malachi breakfast he cried really hard after getting a spoonful of oatmeal and cried pretty hard after getting a second one. Then he didn't really want to chew much especially after it hurt real bad to chew the raisin he put in his mouth. After the raisin incident I realized why he was crying this morning. It wasn't that his tummy hurt or he had nausea it was because his upper gums hurt when he chewed. I sighed in relief that I figured out what was wrong and decided that at the store we'd get some Popsicles for the gums and some Pedialite because his nutrition level hasn't been that great the last couple of days, and I didn't expect him to eat much today either.

As I was driving to the grocery store (yay Wal-Mart!)I called my mom to let her know he was teething and she pointed out that the symptoms he had yesterday and Monday night could have been caused by teething. I told her that it had already crossed my mind yesterday but I quickly put it out of my head because he'd never had symptoms this bad from teething. Sure he'd get a cold and a fever, but he has never vomited because of it before.

So at the grocery store (yay Wal-Mart!) I got the Pedialite but passed on the Popsicles because the box was sticky when I got to the register and I really didn't feel like walking all the way back to the frozen section (in the back at this Wal-Wart) after I spent a ton of time just trying to find a fruit bar that wasn't sweetened with Splenda - I was finally relieved after I had found the only box - and so saddened that I couldn't get it at the end. I might have also picked us up a treat in the bakery. Something that I knew he wouldn't have a problem eating.

When we did get home he did quite enjoy that treat and some grape flavored Pedialite. And he's now sleeping soundly, hopefully he'll sleep well.

My rug in the living room is still drying out and the scent of the week's events aren't all the way out, but we're working on it (and by we are I mean I am). It really is great to be a mother, I wouldn't give it up for the world but I could do with out this part. God bless single parents who don't have a loved one to snuggle with at the end of the day to help you forget all the icky trouble.

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