Thursday, February 20, 2014

He came out screaming

and he barely stopped for the first hour.


He was my most difficult pregnancy and delivery. And he’s possibly been the most challenging to rear so far. 


But the effort has been worth it. These last four years with Simon have been so full of joy.

dec 092

Simon has proven himself to be creative, intelligent, energetic, violent (for a bit of balance and humility), and loves his family.

Random 104

He's already great at building Lego's, playing with play-doh, coloring, and cutting paper, among other things.


We’ve celebrated a birth in Virginia, two birthdays in Costa Rica and another two in the Philippines.


He’s held a steady favorite color of green for quite a while.


As well as a love for airplanes. Luckily John made this years cake, and it turned out much better.

christmas and simons birthday 101

We’re so happy that Simon is in our lives and we look forward to many, many more birthdays to come.



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