Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Bed Rest

Two days after we celebrated our 4th anniversary I was 33 weeks pregnant with our first child. A little boy, that we were so excited about.

I went to the hospital. There was a possible complication. That day, I worked an eight hour shift by myself at the front desk of a hotel. When I called the Dr’s office the nurse gave me a couple of at home tests. One we passed…one we failed. So we went. And we stayed. For two weeks.

I spent the first two days in and out of consciousness. I was in pre-term labor (I didn’t even feel the contractions) and to stop it they shot me up with Magnesium. Magnesium hurts…a lot. The pain knocked me out. I sort of remember a bad dream that the nurse that admitted me was stealing my baby. John told me when I gained full consciousness a couple of days later that I was crying out about it.

hospital blog1

The rest of the two weeks was fairly boring. I sat in bed with an IV for four more days and then was cordless for the rest of the time. I was on (fairly) strict bed rest. There was a shower scheduled for me with my awesome Dallas peeps.

To hedge the boredom, it was moved to the hospital. The Dr was nice enough to let me go to one of the waiting rooms in a wheel chair so that I could have it there. Though, a nurse did come tell me that it was going too long and we had to move one of the games to my room. My friends were so sweet to bring it to me. It was the perfect way to break up the tedium in the hospital.

hospital blog2 

John would work and go to school and otherwise spend the night with me. After a few days of this I sent him home for bed. He wasn’t getting any rest on that horrible excuse for a bed in my room. My mom and sister came down to visit and help at home, doing laundry and preparing for the arrival of our little one.


The plan was set on day three of my stay. Specialists came to my room and assessed the situation. They said that there was a small leak in my amniotic sac. It was risky for both of us. But him being born at 33 weeks was too risky. Hence – stopping the labor when I arrived. However, the risk of infection for both of us was too high to keep him in longer than necessary.

So they set the induction for 35 weeks and 2 days.

To Be Continued…

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