Monday, July 1, 2013

Feminism and Feeling Beautiful

I love feeling beautiful.

feeling beautiful

I love being a feminist.

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I love being told that I’m beautiful.

Why is it that it’s so awful to tell little girls that they’re pretty?

I understand that we don’t want to focus solely on looks. We want to make sure they know that they have worth inside and out. I will tell little girls they’re smart as well as beautiful.

But don’t tell me I shouldn’t tell them the former. Telling little girls they’re pretty can lift their spirits. It can give them some healthy self-confidence. And dammit it can make them feel pretty! There’s nothing wrong with feeling pretty.

Little girls turn into adolescents who turn into young women who turn into not young women who turn into middle-aged women who turn into old women. Every stage of woman wants to hear they’re beautiful.

I know I do.

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a_est said...

I will always tell Eloise she's smart, strong & beautiful! I really do believe it's important to hear all three throughout life.