Friday, June 14, 2013

My baby isn’t a baby

Coen recently turned 2.


It occurred to me the other day, that I don’t have any more babies. That’s weird to me, but at the same time liberating. By this time next year, we should (hopefully) be done with diapers (he actually started sitting on the toilet a couple of months ago and now recognizes when he needs to go potty) – and then life enters a whole new stage.


But for now he’s still in diapers, and I can hang on to his baby-ness for just a little bit longer.  He doesn’t make it easy though, because he’s developing at such a fast rate.


He has a vocabulary that I haven’t seen in any 2 year old. My favorite thing that he was recently saying was “Pachai” for Malachi. He took a while to say his own name, but he’s getting a hang of it. Simon is being said with more accuracy, too. He uses so many words, that I’m having a hard time actually thinking of the ones he uses.


He loves decorating my floors and furniture and interior doors with his and his brother’s stickers. It might be time to put them up out of reach.


He still eats almost anything you put in front of him, but his favorite foods is bananas. He’d eat three a day if we allowed it.


He loves to be with his nanny, Lucy. He’s such a lucky boy to have three adults in the house that love him so much. He’s always sad when she’s not in the house, and he asks for her on her days off.


He loves the pool! He’s wearing floaties and swimming around on his own. He “jumps (it’s more like throwing himself forward)” off the stairs, and sometimes off the side of the pool. He points at the pool and says “our pool” and asks for his “swim suit.” He doesn’t mind going under water, and sometimes even likes it. Whenever one of his brothers starts asking to go in the pool he starts saying “our pool? our pool?”


Not everything is super sunshiny in Coen’s world. His brothers really get on his nerves sometimes. The strength of his dislike for them equals the strength of his love at times. I think he’s teething his 2 year molars (early stages of teething). He gets frustrated with the inability to do things independently that his brothers can do.


But more so than not, he’s enjoying his world. He loves his family, the outdoors, swimming, food, dancing, singing, T.V., movies, music videos, and life in general. He’s a very happy boy.


I hope he’s ok with it, he’ll always be my baby.


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