Monday, June 24, 2013

I believe…and so could you.

Some people don’t believe in therapy. They think that you should just deal with your problem and move on.

Some people weren’t taught how to do that. I didn’t live in circles that taught you just had to suck it up and live with what ever situation is your life. I some times have a hard time processing every emotion that I’m going through, and I seem to go through a lot of emotions most of the time.

I also get angry and impatient easily, as part of my personality. I blame it on the English in me, but I also have German in me. Maybe it’s both, maybe it’s neither. 

I don’t think it’s right to dump all my problems on my husband or friends, and I enjoy having an objective third party who is there specifically for me to “dump” on. It’s also great to have someone who’s understanding of the fact that I’m going through things.

So today I went to therapy. For the first time in almost two years.

There’s no judgment by my counselor of the fact that I want to change how I react and need help in doing so. In fact, there’s praise for being self aware and taking the proper steps to ensure my own mental and emotional health and that of my children as well (because I sure as hell don’t want to teach them that it’s ok to react so angrily).

During my time of transition here in the Philippines I was in survival mode and had lost the tools I learned from my last stint in therapy. I was a bit nervous, but it was all very encouraging.

I know that I will need to follow through with my assignments and participate at all times instead of just the sessions. This is not something I have a history of being great at, but it will make my money even more worth it and I’ll gain so much more out of my sessions.

I’m taking a healthy approach to a problem that I have. I want to encourage you out there to do it to. You don’t have to be open about it, like I am. It’s scary telling everyone that I’m doing this. But I hope to give encouragement to people who might be nervous about going to therapy. Or don’t want to go because they’ll be judged or ridiculed. While that’s possible, you must realize that it’s more important for you to get the help you need. The people that are mean to you about it, should be forgiven. Maybe they’re in need of therapy and are scared. Or maybe they’re a$$holes. Either way, please know that therapy works. It’s liberating, and so helpful.

If you’re in the Foreign Service, and know you want to get help MED can help you. They’ll refer you to someone in your area. If there isn’t anyone in your area, they’ll refer you to the RMOP who can help you or help you decide how badly you need help. I may be wrong, but medevac might be an option.


Connie said...

Sometimes the very hardest thing to do is take that first step. To see a problem, accept it, and use the tools you have to deal with it. That's brave and positive. And strong. This is a wonderful post and I hope that you have a great therapist for what you need, and that your sharing can help others too.

Sara said...

Thank you, Connie! That's how I feel about it. She seemed good today, I hope it works out. I really hope to be inspiring to others. That was the main goal with posting this.

CC said...

Well put! My mother always said if you broke your leg, you'd go see a doctor. So - if you need help with something going on in your head you should go see a doctore for that too. I'm a strong believer and veteran of therapy - it's a wonderful way to take care of yourself and make sure you can be the best you you can be! And thank you for having the courage to share about it. The more people that share, the more any potential stigmas can be lessened.

Sara said...

Thanks, CC! That was my hope.