Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Update on Kiddos (including a surprise ending)

Simon and Coen had a pretty rough day yesterday. Coen's cough seemed to be getting better during the day, but by the evening he was doing not so well. Simon's cough seemed to be getting better except for the frequency. I called his Dr. yesterday morning to see what he suggested, he prescribed a cough suppressant and told me to call him back 3 hours after Simon took it. I got a taxi and went to the pharmacy. The suppressant worked for the cough and put him to sleep. Finally he would get some really good rest.

After about 3 hours on the medicine he woke up from his nap and was coughing just as bad as before he took the suppressant. After I talked to the Dr again he told me to give the suppressant right away and then again at bed time. The second dose of the med didn't seem to work nearly as well. It made him super sleepy but he was still coughing a lot. But after dinner (which consisted of one teeny tiny bite of grilled cheese made softly so as to not aggravate the throat) he was ready for bed. So, one more dose of the suppressant, plus the other three medicines he's getting for this, and he was off to sleep.

He slept through the night!! I was so happy for Simon that he got a good nights rest. Coen, however, did not sleep through the night. He was up at 2:00 (ish) at which time I walked him back to sleep. Then he was up at 3:30 at which time I fed him because he only ate 4 oz of diluted formula (per the dr's orders because formula can make already phlegmy situations worse) for dinner. He ate about 4 oz of diluted formula and then went back to bed. I was hoping that he'd sleep until about 7:00 so that I could sleep more. Nope! He woke up at 5:50 - bleh. I think I'll nap today.

Malachi came home from school yesterday and his first words after he got off the bus were, "my throat hurts." Awesome. So, today I kept him home. His throat hurts pretty bad, and he's coughing up phlegm, although his cough isn't nearly as bad as the others' yet. The main concern with him is seizures because being sick with a virus or bacteria, or really bad allergies even, can cause seizures. Hopefully his anti-seizure meds will keep the seizures away.

Want another Malachi story? Trust do.

Last night while he was devouring his softly made grilled cheese sandwich and daddy and I were trying to somewhat relax we hear, "tooth's out!!" That's right...our first baby lost his first baby tooth. Can I just say?...It's super tiny! So as I'm holding his super tiny tooth in my hand I say, "now what?" and we start talking about the tooth fairy. He reveals a secret though...he knows it's going to be us, that we'll just pretend to be the tooth fairy. I laughed so hard! He told us to get a coin out of the car for his tooth. When John was tucking him in last night they put the tooth in the bedroom.

When I went to bed I grabbed the coin that I had gotten from the car and went to Malachi's room. I couldn't find the tooth under the pillows, and for once Malachi was actually on one of the pillows. I didn't want to disturb him, so I almost just left the coin under the one he wasn't on. But then I remember hearing John saying something about making sure the tooth was safe, and I felt around on the night stand and sure enough that's where it was.

At about 5:50 this morning Malachi came squealing into the room that "she came!!" He was convinced John had done it, and John vehemently denied it and revealed it may have been me. He's so proud of his quinientos coin (which is 500 in Spanish and it's about a dollar, which is probably more than what he would've gotten in the States because he told me that the tooth fairy leaves one coin). He doesn't have much of a gap though because the adult tooth is already growing in, and I would guess is already half way in. I would have taken pictures but we can't find the camera right now, and we're very unhappy about that.


Sadie said...

the first lost tooth is a big deal! yay Malachi!! hope your household feels much, much better very soon!

Nomads By Nature said...

Was thinking about you and your family - hoping all are recovered and/or staying away from the crud.