Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Birthdays in the Foreign Service

This weeks assignment for the Roundup is...well...I bet you can guess.

We've all had one birthday in the Foreign Service so far. Malachi is about to celebrate his second. Last year his birthday party was great. We had been in Virginia for long enough to have good friends and they came over to celebrate his life. It was a typical American birthday party (except for the piƱata, which he just had to have) and Malachi loved it. He was given many awesome gifts, and much love by his friends.

John had a special birthday party because his birthday happened to coincide with the season premiere of LOST. So at about 9:30 everyone who wasn't staying for LOST left. About 12 people stayed for the premiere and really had a good time.

Just a few days later Simon's birth day happened in the midst of some of the worst winter storms VA had seen in many years. It's very, very memorable.

My birthday was in the middle of the move from VA to Costa Rica so we didn't celebrate. I'm planning a blow out party for my 30th birthday next year.

And here we are...14 days before Malachi's next birthday. Because we've been so busy we've barely  had time to plan anything. But we're going to try to have the typical American birthday party again. I'm sure it'll be great and he'll love it. He's going to be 5...that's crazy.


Jen said...

We've always loved birthdays overseas...we've probably gone a bit overboard, but they were always fun!

Stephanie said...

With all the travel involved with DS, we are rarely in the same city, or even country, for our birthdays. Last year was the first time in ages we could celebrate both our birthdays together. For mine, I was newly pregnant and totally nauseaus and exhausted but Mike convinced me to go out to eat with some friends. For him, we had a Big Lebowski themed party. Theme parties are a lot of work, but great to break up the monotony of overseas parties.

Anonymous said...

Hi Sara,
I have your blog posted on this week's Round Up! Have a great weekend!


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