Monday, January 12, 2009


I was sick last week. That sucked. I still have a teeny tiny cough. My voice is a little raw, other than that I think all symptoms are gone.

School started today at CFNI. That means that Pre-School started also. Malachi was sooooooooo excited to go back to school. It's really nice that we aren't relying on babysitters anymore. Those that did babysit for him did such a great job though! Thank you Beau, Shannon, Kyle, and Kim. You guys are such a blessing in our lives.

There are 15 two year olds registered for school this semester which means that Malachi is being moved to an overflow class. Him and the other four oldest two years olds will be in there this semester with Ms. Didi. Malachi loves Ms. Didi so that makes me happy. If the opening of this room wasn't approved by HQ then he was possibly going to go up to the 3's class, but I don't think he's ready for that. Malachi is fully potty trained now, but I haven't taught him yet how to be fully independant in that area. The teachers for the 3's class don't go help their students go to the bathroom, and that may provide to be a sore spot. So...I'm glad that that's not the case.

I think most of January is going to be a chill month. We don't really have any more plans until Ben and Sarah come down on the 30th. We're very excited about that. They didn't visit last year and they usually come down once a year. Sarah's a bridesmaid in a wedding that's taking place that weekend about an hour away so they will be busy part of the time, but they're staying until Tuesday so we have some good quality time available. I'm throwing John's birthday party during that time, so they can meet our friends. Also, they're here during John's birthday so it just makes sense.

Well, for not having much going on, I certainly wrote a lot.

Have a great week everyone!

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Stephanie Ann said...

Oh I am glad you are feeling better. Being sick totally sucks. Guess what? I just discovered I can blog at work!