Thursday, December 6, 2007

Two (2) years old now.

Can you believe that Malachi is two years old? I can't! It doesn't seem like that long ago when he was born. And on the other hand it feels like we've had him as long as we've had our six year marriage. It's hard to remember life with out a child. It seems foreign to be able to sleep in until noon, go where ever you want with whom ever you want with out thinking twice about whether or not it's smoky or too loud or if they serve anything that Malachi will eat.

Seeing friends of our without kids sometimes make me mourn those days. Then I see Malachi do something cute or achieve something new and those feelings melt away. I love him so much that I wouldn't give him up for anything.

His birthday party was a great time!

He had all of his friends here both young and old - and by old I mean our age :) He had a great time kicking around balloons with his friends and having lunch with them. He also really, really loved the cake that mom and dad made for him.

As you can tell from the cake we had an airplane theme because right now he loves airplanes! He got some great gifts and really just had a good time with his friends. Thank you to everyone who came!

Here's everyone singing happy birthday to Malachi!

Some fun pics from the "airplane/terminal" decorations:

Some people pics:

Me and Zoe




Joanna (Isaac's mom) and Steph (Zoe's mom (Joanna helped me a lot with the party, thank you so much!))

Miss Gina and Danielle (the baby in her belly was born on Monday - she's so cute!)

Velda and Simeon

Valerie, Raul and Me

Rob, Jill, Me, Danielle, Rylan, and Joanna

Raul, John, and Malachi

Thanksgiving was a good day for us. We had lunch at 1:00 with our friends Chris and Holly and then Ben and Sarah came down at 5:00. They were here until Saturday evening (as previously blogged about). They got leftovers from our lunch with Chris and Holly. There was so much food after Thanksgiving that both couples had substantial leftovers even after large plates were made up for Ben and Sarah.

The day after Thanksgiving was Malachi's actually birthday. Rick and Mickey came down for the day, so the seven of us were all together. We had a great day as a family and Malachi got one of his best presents ever. His piano with microphone! He loves that gift! Fortunately for me he doesn't over do it.

I'm no longer sick and we're coming into a busy part of the season for me. Luckily though, it'll be over a week from Saturday (but I have at least five things going on between tomorrow night and then.

Love to all!

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Bethany said...

What a cute little man he is!!! Two years old huh? Doesn't seem possible! I remember where we were the day we got the call from you and John. We were sitting in our Kitchen in Northern Maine hosting Thanksgiving dinner for Joshua's mom and sister. How good God is! We can't wait to see you in just a couple weeks!!!! =)