Sunday, March 1, 2015

Bad Mommy

I have been a bad blogger. That, I only feel a little guilty about. But one thing I've been fairly good at on this blog is chronicling my children's birthdays. However, last November someone turned 9 and I failed to document the occasion.

As I sit here and consider the fact that my first born had his last single-digit birthday I get a bit weepy. I so clearly remember much of his early life. His birth was quick and fairly easy. I bawled for 20 minutes straight on his 1st birthday, he thought that was quite funny. His second birthday was surrounded by friends his age, and friends our age. His third was our last in Dallas, though we didn't know it at the time and he had a balloon filled time with his friends. His fourth was our first in the Foreign Service and he loved his fish pinata. His fifth birthday was his first in Costa Rica and surrounded by friends from multiple nations. His sixth celebration was a spy party; he and his friends loved their mission. His seventh party was a haunted-house party that he and his friends delighted in. His eighth birthday was his final in Manila and he celebrated with friends at Lazer Xtreme.

His last single-digit birthday was his first in Jamaica and was a Lego Movie party and movie night. Johnathan did a great job of planning games that the kids really loved. In fact, after it became apparent that we were done with games the children protested. They were not satisfied! Malachi really enjoyed it and that's what matters most.

Malachi had a big ninth year, and an amazing start to his tenth. He finished out second grade at International School Manila. He had a great year with Mr. O'Neel; we all agree that second grade was a major success. He quite enjoyed his time in the US visiting with many friends and family, and enjoying lots of great American food. The move to Jamaica wasn't overly easy, as he was missing his friends in the Philippines. But it wasn't overly hard. This is possibly the easiest transition we've had. His new teachers and principal noticed some difficulties he had in school that other teachers and principals have noticed. We went forward with some testing and figured out how to better serve Malachi in his educational endeavors. His second semester this year has been amazing. He's doing so much better in school, his teachers and principal have only good things to say about him. It's been so great these last couple of months.

In November he's going to be ten. TEN!!! I can't believe my first baby is soon leaving his single-digit living. I'm going to ignore this part of my life as long as possible. Starting right now.

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