Thursday, April 17, 2014

My house

This is the third time I’ve started this post, because I walk away without saving. Note to self – Windows Live Writer does not automatically save on the settings I have set.


In keeping with the last two posts, I should say that the next thing about Manila that I’ll miss is “my” house.

It’s been a great house these last almost two years. My boys have grown so much here! We’ve enjoyed having a pool so much. It’s been a great thing for the boys, who enjoy swimming more than I do. On many occasions all four boys will go out and have a good time and they would stay all day if we let them.

We’ve potty trained two boys here! There’s such a relief when you’ve potty trained your children and to have that happen twice in this house means that I’ve connected to it as a place of big accomplishment, and relief (In the interest of honesty I’ll admit that having helpers in the house has been a big part of these events being “easily” successful).

I spent a lot of time holed-up in my bedroom during these two years, as that was my safe and peaceful place to go to, to escape my sometimes overwhelming depression.

I got my tattoo here! My sister and I both did that, and it was pretty cool that the artist came to my house.

That same bedroom is where I finally got my email saying I had a security clearance and could start working after a two year break in employment (which is what was causing the aforementioned depression).

We’ve had two Thanksgivings, two Christmases, (almost) two Easters, eight (almost ten) birthdays, one New Years, in this house. We love holidays in this family, and we’ve enjoyed using this house to celebrate.

There has been lots of relaxation, playing, learning, and growing in this house. It has been our home for almost two years and we love it. We will all miss it.

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