Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Happy New Year

We tried.

We tried very hard.

We tried so hard, that I’m quite surprised we didn’t succeed.

However, we didn’t. We didn’t get child care. Therefore, we stayed home.

And we really enjoyed it.

We took no photos, unfortunately. So I can’t prove how fun a night it was, but it was really fun.

John went to the store at about 5:00 p.m. to get appetizers. He brought up a tradition from growing up. They always had appetizers for dinner on New Year’s Eve (in case you hadn’t caught that already).

I was pleasantly surprised that the store was open, especially since we were down to 1 diaper, and we weren’t quite ready for potty training to start. I’m postponing it until Monday.

I digress.

He came home and the whole family enjoyed this tradition quite a lot. Due to the last minute-ness of it all we didn’t have the really good appetizers. Next year, in Jamaica, we’ll do a bit more planning and make sure we have the meatballs, and tiny pigs in blankets, and the rye toasts. Mickey, we might need you to send rye toasts.

We put the kids to bed at a fairly regular time, and put in Octopussy. We’re going through all the Bond movies in order, due to having purchased the whole set (before Skyfall was out, however, it has now been added to the collection thanks to my Dad and Step-Mom’s great gift to me).  After that, we started the current season of Castle. We were quite behind, so we had fun starting it.

At about 11:55 we grabbed our champagne flutes, our Proseco (sparkling wine, because we have never bought champagne for the house. like…ever), and waited for the clock on his phone to change to 12. We didn’t count down, or watch fireworks, or anything grand.

But in the quiet of our living room, all by ourselves, it was really sweet. We watched more Castle, drank the bottle of wine, and eventually went to bed. It was quiet, and small, and really nice.

I thought it was going to be lame, and I tried to convince him to go to a party we’d been invited to, but he stayed.

And I’m glad.

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