Monday, December 17, 2012


Christmas break started on Friday at noon. Malachi’s home for three weeks. I love Malachi so, so much. And I’m happy about the perks of Christmas vacation.
But I think sometimes, Simon values his time at home without him. Or maybe Malachi values his time at school away from the youngins and with kids his own age. Either way, the two have them have been fighting a lot today.
Sunday night a mom from Malachi’s grade texted and asked if Malachi and I could join them for the Hi-5 Holiday concert. And of course we couldn’t pass up free tickets, especially since it was Malachi’s girlfriend that was inviting us.
At home in Manila and Hi-5 021
Mom and Son going out for their second concert.
Malachi really enjoyed it. And besides his girlfriend being there, he met another friend. They had fun dancing and singing. They would even dance in the aisle (we had aisle seats).
I think it was a memory Malachi will hold onto for a while. On a side note, I wonder when Malachi’s taste in concerts will change. Will I enjoy the concerts as much (or little)?
At home in Manila and Hi-5 030
In other news, Coen had quite a fall yesterday. I was trying to rest and there was a knock on my bedroom door. Lucy had Coen and said she was so sorry but that Coen fell (The helpers here are so apologetic when one of the kids falls. I think they fear that they might lose their jobs. It would be so unfair to lose a job if a boy falls.). There was a prominent scratch and a large goose egg on his forehead.
Coen was most upset by the fact that he wasn’t still outside playing. He didn’t want to come to me, and all he wanted to do was go back outside. I told her that if he starts crying and won’t stop, or if he starts walking funny to let me know. Otherwise, he seemed fine. We continued keeping an eye on him that evening. Nothing was wrong with him. He ate fine and acted fine.
I checked on him twice in the night to make sure his color was good and that he was breathing fine. Both times he passed. I was going to the Medical Clinic on the compound today for another reason so I brought him to have him looked at in case there was something that a medical professional could see that I couldn’t. She said we handled the situation perfectly and that his pupils were responding to stimulation. He checked out just fine.
At home in Manila and Hi-5 038
A little out of focus, but happy to smile for the camera.
At home in Manila and Hi-5 041
Good view of the bump and emerging bruise. The bruise isn’t much worse than this, today.


Nomads By Nature said...

Love that you and your eldest got to go to a concert together, even High5! Remembering the goose egg age as well. Looks like your Christmas break has started off with lots of fun -- hopefully the boys will get a chance to re-bond over the next weeks. That is always the best part of the breaks in my opinion; the kids really get to know each other again and remember inside jokes and games, to feel connected, to be family.

Sara said...

Simon is not yet 3, so he's not quite to the stage where we're creating memories or inside jokes. But maybe next Christmas break.

I like going to concerts with Malachi, it's fun! I hope we continue doing it.