Tuesday, August 7, 2012

The Mall, UAB, First Day Of School

We’ve had a busy few days! The monsoon weather has only slowed us down a bit.

Coen and Mommy riding the Carousel


Daddy and Simon right next to us


Malachi with Optimus Prime


The elevator is for freakishly tall people only


Coen doing his thing


Malachi and Simon enjoying the triple chocolate crepe with chocolate ice cream


How happy I look when UAB comes


Malachi’s a bit impatient and starts opening the box himself


Malachi has been dropped into the box with paper and isn’t upset by it at all.


The dining room after the UAB boxes have been opened and emptied with a fraction of the items


My fridges have been set up


The live in showed up the same day. Malachi made an activity list for her to do with him: TV, gams, fresbee


Malachi waiting for the bus (note: hair is wet from shower not rain). The umbrella is a laser.



Greg and Teresa said...

So glad your UAB arrived! Hope you're okay with all the flooding too!

Sara said...

So at MOA on the top floor all the way at the end I think it's the end with the Movie theater. Anyway-there is a great ice cream place. It opened maybe 8 months before we left and we made plenty of trips to MOA jut for their ice cream sandwiches and scoops. They even had blue cheese ice cream (which was yuck for me) but their white chocolate chip cranberry macadamia nut cookie ice cream sandwich was the bomb. I can't recall the name of this place but it was good. Maybe it's the one you tried!!!

k @ there is fun to be done said...

jumping in that uab box looks like a lot of fun!

Sara said...

I feel horrible for not responding yet!

G&T - We survived the storm perfectly. We have another on its way, we'll see about this one.

Sara - That is not the place we went to, however, it sounds delicious. Maybe next time.

K - He was thrown in, but he really enjoyed it!