Friday, July 27, 2012

Day 1 (randomness from day 1 at post)

(written on Wednesday 7/25/12 at 8:00 p.m.)

We arrived at our house today. Doing a rest stop and two days of leave in Tokyo first was a wonderful idea. Though we’re not over jet lag, we’ve made a lot of progress and the kids napped shortly after we came from the airport.

The house is big! It’s by far the biggest that we’ve ever lived in. There’s a hallway that runs from the front door to Malachi’s bedroom that is the longest hallway we’ve seen in a house. Almost all the rooms are big, and the one that isn’t big, is still sizable. The kitchen has room for a table and we’re thinking of having an island made to make up for the lack of counter space.

There is a ton of storage space here! Every bedroom has a closet, and the office/guest room has a large built-in. There’s a walk-in closet in the kitchen as well as a fun pantry in the wall that’s a bit mysterious. There are even two large closets in the hallway! There’s no lacking for space for my towels in this house!

There’s no crib! Oops. This is my fault. I meant to request from housing to have a crib in one of the rooms instead of a bed, and I forgot. This is going to be one of John’s jobs tomorrow. Hopefully they can fulfill this request quickly. Coen isn’t a huge fan of the tent that we have (soooo glad we have the tent!).

The laundry room is outside. This bothers me, but hopefully I won’t be doing much of my own laundry after a little bit. I’m going to call the internet company tomorrow and I’d love to have internet before the weekend.

I gave a very short list of groceries for the sponsor to buy, and I know for next time to make it a bit longer. During the boys’ naps John went out to get some things at a store that’s within walking distance. Though it wasn’t overwhelming for him, it was a bit much, and unfortunately the store he went to didn’t have fabric softener. Bummer.

Our sponsor had us over for dinner. His wife arrives tomorrow from R&R so it was just him and his college-aged daughter. Their nice people and about a 3 minute walk from our house. It’s nice to have Embassy families this close.

There’s good security in the village (gated community) that we live in. I doubted it when I saw pictures, but I don’t anymore.

I really like my house. Though I would be even happier if there was one more room (family room would be awesome), it’s so much space and we’re very happy with it.

The kids were ready for bed by 6:00 tonight. It made dinner a bit hard and frustrating. They were in bed before 8:00 and fell asleep very quickly.

Everyone is happy to be finally in one place for a while. Although, Simon has asked a few times today if we’re going to a train, or a plane. I don’t know if he gets that we’re home.

I love that we’re home. 


Nomads By Nature said...

YAY for safe arrivals! We have taken a few days extra at a layover locale and it REALLY helps everyone with jetlag and making the trip easier. I highly recommend it. As far as the outdoor laundry - we had one in Oman and in Maputo and learned to enjoy it for its mudroom qualities - and the humidity stayed out of the house! Looking forward to more of your musings and observations as you get to know your new home!

Sara said...

If we go somewhere that is going to make for lots of jet lag we're doing it this way. It was so smart of us. Next time maybe we do a week. I could have used a few more days. Once I get a helper I won't be doing my own laundry, so the outdoor room shouldn't be too much of a mess. The mudroom idea is a good one! It's a bit inconvenient of a way to get into the house but better than dragging the mess inside! I've actually had humidity problems in the house. I'm wondering if air purifiers cause humidity. Do you know?

Caroline said...

Hi Sara - Welcome to Manila! I'm on R&R right now but will be back in the Philippines at the beginning of August. Sounds like you're starting to settle in. I work in the Manila CLO office, so hopefully we'll meet shortly, perhaps at the newcomers coffee that I see they've scheduled for August 8? Happy settling in!

Sara said...

Caroline - thank you! If I have a helper by then, I'll be happy to come (I really hope I have a helper by then!!).