Monday, January 2, 2012

Reflections on 2011

Someone turned one, someone was born, someone turned six, two people turned 30. There was travel to Minnesota, North Virginia/D.C. (twice, by two different people, at two different times), Ecuador, and Hawaii. There was a complete overhaul of my husband's section during which time he did a job two pay grades above him (there was also an award given for the service he provided (a big one - rare for a first tour officer)). There were two different schools, and Kindergarten twice. There was a first love made and lost, and the realities of the Foreign Service life set in for our sweet son. Our next assignment was given and much rejoicing was had over one word: Manila. There was family in Costa Rica on both sides, sadly this year no friends came to visit. There was a relapse of Epilepsy and a new treatment found. There were beach trips, a volcano trip, and a group vacation to one of our favorite places - Tamarindo.

I have much more written on another computer I'm hoping this will tide you over until I finish it. Here are some pics to remember 2011 by (in no particular order).

Simon turns 1

High School Friends!

Grandma visits Costa Rica

Malachi zip lines!

On our not kid free babymoon

Welcome Coen!

John at the Equator

Celebrating Easter

Celebrating 10 years

Swimming with some not dangerous (yet still cool) sharks

Coen's first beach trip

I guess some pictures haven't gotten off the cards yet, we're missing Christmas and Malachi's birthday. There's a chance they'll make it on here one day...


Jill said...

Your blog is linked in the FS Blog RoundUp.

Connie said...

What a lovely and event filled year you (and your beautiful family!) have had!

Sara said...
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Sara said...


2011 was awesome. I can't wait to write this year's post though. It's going to be great.