Monday, May 9, 2011

Mother's Day

I had an amazing Mother's Day. I was left alone until after 8:00 to read and watch T.V. in the room (this is actually normal for a Sunday, but it was still nice). As I was reading my book I heard the noise of the waffle maker and started preparing myself for a delicious breakfast.

The kids and the husb came to greet me and Malachi brought his gifts from school. I figured one was a frame, and I was right. I'll have to put a picture of the two of us in it. I might have to take a picture of the two of us. Then what I thought was a simple card turned out to be a poem that was tear inducing. He read it, and even though I know (having been an Elementary school student myself) that the teachers told him what to write, it still touched me enough to make me cry - and I had a hard time stopping. But I got myself under control enough to eat said delicious breakfast - and it was very delicious.

My in-laws were flying into town yesterday so we spent the rest of the morning preparing the house and our selves for their arrival, even the kids got showers! John and Malachi picked them up and brought them home, and we hung out for a few hours.

John, his dad, and Malachi went to a birthday party and the girls and Simon went grocery shopping for the week. We hung out at the house, and after the party the girls and Simon met the boys at a restaurant for dinner, which was closed. As was the next restaurant we tried, so...we went to the food court. Lame. It was supposed to be our treat to my mother-in-law for Mother's Day. So, we did buy for her, but we're going to make it up later.

After we got home the kids went to bed and the adults played a game. It's fun to play games with adults, it doesn't happen here, so we were missing that.

Really, a great day.

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