Monday, April 11, 2011


I'm considering a hiatus from blogging. It's a bit of a time suck, and then I feel bad when I don't blog. John said "back blogging (blogging about something that happened a long time ago (more than a week in blog time))" doesn't work.

So...I'm considering a hiatus. Life is so busy - how do you do it ladies?! With only two kids and a part time job, I have a hard time keeping this up. I've applied for the CLO job and that would add two more days a week of work for me. And then I'll have three kids instead of two! I barely even facebook anymore! Although, I do facebook more than I blog.

Lack of content is not a problem for me, I could list more than a handful of topics right now. For those who read to keep up with the kids, I'm sorry. For those who read to learn about FS life or life in Costa Rica, I'm a bit less sorry, but I'm sorry to you too. I know that reading blogs is a great way to get a peek into life of somewhere you're going to live.

This hiatus is not guaranteed, but very, very likely. If you'd like to friend me on facebook and haven't you can find me as Sara Simmons Roy current city San Jose, Costa Rica. I'm not great at putting up pictures, but I do update my status (albeit less than I used to).


Nomads By Nature said...

Life brings seasons. Blogging and writing are great, but not when it overtakes living and enjoying your life. Whatever you choose, do it for your own happiness and don't worry about 'the readers'. They can get a subscription to alert them to a new post when/if you get a chance and the inkling to post something you want to share. It sounds like you have an amazingly busy and wonderfully full life going on --- enjoy it!

Shannon said...

One of the ways I keep up with the blog is to aim for 2 posts a week and one of those is Wordless Wednesday where I only post a picture. Keeps the grandparents happy and keeps the pressure off me. Good luck with which ever way you decide to go.

Just US said...

Blogging can be very time consuming - especially when you have so much going on already. I will miss reading about your adventures but understand needing to take a hiatus.