Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Another 3 miles

Today I attempted 3 miles again. I didn't quite make it. I stopped at 2.8 miles, partly because I pushed myself too hard and partly because I'm still learning how to use a treadmill. We have nice ones in the gym here at CFNI and I'm thankful for them, I just wish they were a bit easier to use. I can set a time limit, I really wish I could set a distance.

Anywho, I was done at 40 minutes today. That includes a walk break in the middle and my cool down because I decided to stop fighting the treadmill.

Bethany wants us to do the 5K in 36 minutes. That shouldn't be too hard the way I'm going. I might even be able to challenge her to go faster than that :)

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Bethany said...

=) that's awesome Sarah! I guess we'll see if we can both get below 12 minutes miles. I'm having a hard time getting to the 3 miles. Mostly because I start out to fast. Way to go on picking up speed as you go! I need a treadmill to help me train! =) Can't wait to have you hear!!!