Thursday, July 31, 2008

Time Off

I've had some time off he sometimes I wonder what I did with myself or my son before I had my job.

We're leaving for Galveston on Sunday. The forcast calls for storms and rain the whole time we're down there. That makes me really sad.

My girlfriend recently blogged about how she's had to release a desire for the American Dream into God's hands. For a long time I've known that John's desire is for the opposite of the American Dream and I've had to deal with that. But I have so many friends and family in houses and some in brand new houses and it makes it so difficult to sit idly by and watch them enjoy that. I know that some day when we retire we might by a place to settle but before that, it's just not what life has in store for us.

On the other hand I'll be able to raise my children in countries other than their own, and I'll be able to take them places some children will never be able to see. They'll have a life stuffed full of cultures from around the world. My husband will be so happily serving his country while getting to see the world and his wife will love walking to the market to buy fresh vegetables for that day's dinner.

That sounds like a great life!

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