Tuesday, March 3, 2015

The big 5!

Last month Simon turned 5!

Johnathan and I agree that 5 is a big year. We wanted him to have a great time, and we asked him what he would want to do. After Malachi's birthday in November, Simon really wanted a Lego Movie party. We told him that he had to do something else. After some consideration he decided that he wanted an Alien birthday. Some friends of ours asked us what movie to show their daughter because she didn't know what an alien was. 

Keeping that in mind, and the fact that some five year old's parents wouldn't even say the word "dead" in front of their kids, we made a kid friendly party. Johnathan designed the party around the idea that the kids were the aliens and they crash landed on Earth. They made eye scanners and then they had to go to our yard and find the parts of their ship that fell from the engine. Then they had to rebuild the engine. The kids had a great time at the party and just like his brother's friends, Simon's friends were disappointed when the games were done. 

Simon's last year was pretty great for him. He finished out his time in the Philippines and enjoyed his summer break in the  U.S. Then in the fall of last year something major happened. He started pre-school! He's really enjoying it too! He's made some close friends, and is enjoying learning. It's amazing what he's learning. He has brought some homework home lately and one of the (hand made) pages that the teacher sent had multiplication on it. 

He's enjoying Jamaica. He loves going to school, and can't wait to go to the big school with his brother in a few months. 

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