Wednesday, May 29, 2013

I’ve been thinking

that I’ve been very silent lately. I’ve been busy.

My sister has been in town for over a week. I feel like she has been busy, but somehow we haven’t done much. I’ve been posting photos and check-in’s on facebook. I hope that our family feels updated frequently on what we’re doing.

We’ve eaten out, we’ve eaten in. She’s seen parts of the Embassy, she’s seen parts of the school. She’s been to the mall, and done a bit of shopping. She’s been to movies, and quiz night, and our favorite watering hole. She’s integrated well into our life here.


Systirs at quiz night 

The kids love having her here. She’s amazing with my children. Though she has none of her own, and not a lot of experience with children, I feel totally comfortable leaving them in the play room and taking a nap (which I’ve done a time or two…or three).

image Aunt Steph at “Reading with Parents”

Her trip is only about half done, and we need to get moving on her “to-do” list. We’ll start it in a few days. Tomorrow she and I are jet-setting to another island for a spa weekend. I couldn’t be more excited.

On a completely unrelated note:

I saw this on facebook recently and shared it on my own wall. I love the saying (and her hair!!). I live with someone who seems to think this way naturally. He’s a much happier person than I am. It should be my mantra until I master it.