Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Insurance Fun

One thing I love about the Foreign Service...Insurance.

Now, if you're Jen you'll completely disagree. But I've had nothing but good experiences from the Foreign Service Benefit Plan.

I love the system of paying upfront and then sending in receipts to get reimbursed. I love not having medical bills to worry about. I wish I could do this in the States as well, but health care in the States is so expensive, I don't think it would work.

Health care costs in Costa Rica:

Pediatric Visit: $80
Physical Therapy Appointment (for baby): $34
Complete blood count (nurse friends help me here: Why is it called complete and then they need to order other things? It doesn't seem so complete to me.) and extra labs for pediatric neurologist: $87
Prenatal Exam: $70
Prenatal Ultrasound $50

Being able to call the Dr's on their cell phones at any time: free (and priceless)

I have to say, I really am going to miss the private health care system in Costa Rica.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Yard Sale and other random stuff

Off and on since I quit my job (I ended working on the 29th. It was a great day to have as the last day of work.), I've been organizing our place for the yard sale that's coming up. I gave away all of the maternity clothes already, and to the same person a bag full of baby stuff. But then there's the rest of the baby stuff, the clothes that I've grown out of/shrunk out of, the lotions that haven't been and never will be used, the bracelets and necklaces I've had since I was 15 and need to get rid of, and so...so much more. And this is just in the attic, my closet, bedroom, and bathroom. 

Every time I walk into Malachi's room and look at the toy closet and the toys all over the floor I walk right back out. That room scares me. 

On the school front: school this semester is hard! I'm enjoying the English class, but it's really challenging me. I am learning quite a bit from it and am happy to be doing so. 

Coen is waving, it's really cute. This morning, as soon as I walked in the door, he started waving at me. I love it. 

Malachi's been doing Tae Kwon Do in school, he loves it. If you see him this summer, be sure to ask to see some moves.

Simon is talking up a storm! Prepare yourselves family...

We leave Costa Rica in less than seven weeks. This is both good and bad. I'm excited for our journey in Manila, but I love my life here so much that I don't want to go. I'm so glad I feel this way, rather than the opposite. I fear the days when I hate where I live. 

I think I'll go check out the kitchen and see if there's anything to sell there.