Monday, June 29, 2009

Yet another

Malachi had another seizure today. This is his third seizure, but it's the first I witnessed. It was not an easy experience. It was full of contradictions. It was the shortest seizure yet, but it was the longest recovery time. He gasped for air during it but wasn't turning colors, his eyes were open but I'm not convinced he could see anything. He had a very hard time waking up, and wouldn't open his eyes to look at me, so I called 911. Six EMT's came out - but four of them left after they say that Malachi was mostly allright. They checked his O2 sats (the amount of oxygen running through your blood), and heart rate and they both checked out fine. Even getting the little band-aid like thing around his finger was an ordeal and since he was fine by the time then and his stats were good I decided not to take him to the hospital. The EMT and I I agreed that keeping him calm and stress free was our main objective and taking him to the hospital would bring the opposite results. By the time they left he was shy, but mostly normal.

Shortly after they left he asked to watch TV, I was reluctant to do that since he was watching TV when it started. But I relented, and shortly after he started watching he started eating his lunch again (also something he was doing when it started). After eating the rest of his sandwhich and some of his chips he was done. When I told him it was time for a nap he asked for his clothes back on (they came off to help him cool after the seizure) and then he ran to his room and onto his bed. This is not normal, not normal at all. However at that time, it was the most abnormal he was and I didn't think it was a bad thing, so I let it slide. I certainly wasn't going to make him rebel. :)

Since he got up from his nap he's been normal, but every time he loses his balance, or I can't here him, or anything weird happens, I think he's going to seize again. Please pray for him and for us. I don't want to live my life in fear - and that is definitely a road I'm heading down.

So much good is happening in our lives that this feels so bad. If it wasn't for John's new job or our pregnancy maybe this wouldn't seem so bad - and I know there are kids with much worse problems, but this is going to kill me. Watching the seizure this time is the hardest thing I've experienced with him. Praise God he doesn't remember it.

John asked him if something happened today and he said he was watching TV and fell down (true) and then mommy picked him up (also true, but I think he means the time after his seizure). So he doesn't remember the seizure. Thank you Lord!

Please also pray that we get some answers at his appointment next week. His EEG is scheduled for next Tuesday at 8:30. I can't let him sleep for more than four or five hours the night before and he can't sleep on the way to the appointment. My poor baby.

Otherwise - life is good. :)

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

So much to say... little time to blog.

We really have been quite busy. There's a playground and a pool outside with the tennis, and volley ball courts. Unfortunately mommy didn't think about the pool when packing the car and sent all of the swimsuits, towels, arm floaties, etc...on the air shipment. So last night we finally bit the bullet and bought some suits. We're not going to wait two weeks - not when the pool is calling our name every day. I bought us some sun screen but still got burnt on my shoulders, back, and face today. Oh well, c est la vie. Malachi's showering and singing the Star Wars theme song right now. I love it!

I went grocery shopping today for my first big trip. So far I've gone shopping almost every day since getting here and today I finally just went and bought food for meals. The cost of living here is so much more expensive than at home that it kills me go grocery shopping and spend so much money. Oh well...c est la vie.

Tonight we're going to Josh and Bethany's for dinner and then we might be going out to a free outdoor showing of Kung Fu Panda. We'll see though, I really need to start sleeping more. My body is using so much energy with the pregnancy and I've been so busy, that I don't take enough time to rest.

Tomorrow and Friday I go to Spouse/Partner orientation at John's work. I'm trying to get Bethany and Josh to take Malachi tonight to Friday after work because we're already going to be there and it would be easiest with morning traffic (the worst I've ever experienced, Dallasites and Minnesotans have it so easy) the way it is, and Josh and Bethany live the opposite direction of work. I'm really excited for orientation though. I bought a couple of nice maternity blouses and some black slacks to wear tomorrow and Friday. I might have to borrow some shoes from Bethany or go buy some black shoes because I don't have any with me. Oh well, I don't mind another trip to Ross. :)

My oven and stove take forever to heat up. It's annoying.

Umm...yeah, I think that's all for now.

Friday, June 19, 2009


I know I've been horrible at updating my blog lately. We've been so busy with the move that I don't know when I'd do it. Plus our internet was horrible at the hotel in Dallas that I could barely get online.

John's blog has a great update on us for the last few days.

I'm very excited about our move. We'll be in D.C. in two days! When we were on the road yesterday I told John that it doesn't feel like a move. It really feels like we're on vacation. Maybe it'll feel like a move when we get our air shipment in D.C.

When I made the reservation for our apartment in D.C. the woman said that we'd have to be in a one bedroom until a two bedroom opened. When John talked to her this week she said that as long as the people who are currently living in this specific two bedroom move out successfully on Saturday morning then we can move in on Saturday night. WooHoo! That is great news!

My family has been in my dreams a lot lately. I miss you all and love you all!!!

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Things to Do and Big News to Share!

My hubby has a blog and one of his recent entries was titled "The Final Countdown." That's really what we're in.

Tomorrow the movers come and empty our apartment. We're spending the last three nights in a hotel in North Dallas. We have some errands to run but mainly I think we're going to be hanging out with some people for the last time.

Thursday morning we're leaving for D.C. We can't check in until Saturday afternoon after 3:30 so we're going to take our time.

Oh Yeah!! I forgot to mention something. I'm pregnant!! This will be our second child and we're so thankful that God is blessing us with this. I'm hoping for a girl, John is hoping for a boy - but of course we'll be ecstatic with either. My tentative due date is February 9th, 2010 (my grandmothers birthday and a week after my hubby's). We'll see what the midwife says when I go in for my first sonogram. That will probably happen a week or two after we get to D.C. I'm going to have to get a referal from someone for a good midwife. I want to do a midwife at the hospital. I wouldn't mind a home birth but with my history I would feel safer going to a hospital. Our new insurance will cover a midwife though, so that's what I really would like to do.

This is just so exciting! So much is going on in our lives and we're so happy.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Congrats Sarah!!

Congratulations to Sarah Roy who did her first sprint Triathalon today. I don't know her time yet because I haven't talked to her yet. I'm so proud of her though! This is a HUGE accomplishment, and it's awesome!

Sunday, June 7, 2009

2 1/2 Hours...

...until our flight to MN. We're very excited to see home. John hasn't been home since our trip in March last year. I had the short trip in April, but it was just that - short.

John and Malachi are transfering tools from our old tool box to our new one. Apparently the old one was a gift to my father-in-law from my hubby and brother-in-law when they were kids. It's definitely time for a new one. Since the tool box needs to be moved by the moving company in a week, we figured it would be nice to have one that closed. :)

Tomorrow and Tuesday morning we're going through all of the things that we left in MN (in the in-laws attic) when we moved to Dallas. When moving down here we planned to come down for two years to do Christ For The Nations and then move back to MN. We thought we'd be getting our stuff from them after school ended.God had a different plan though. We've been down here for almost six years. We've enjoyed Texas so much, call Texas home, and call ourselves Texans. There's really nothing like the great State of Texas. TEXAS!

We hope to see some of our dear friends in MN that we miss, hopefully they'll be around and available to hang out with. I get to see my family and some family friends on Friday night. Saturday morning we come back home!

Whew! Seems like I've experienced my trip before I experienced it.

Friday, June 5, 2009

Another Seizure and Packing Up!

Malachi had another seizure on Tuesday. I was at work when it happened and the babysitter called to let me know. Thank God I work less than half a mile from home and the babysitter let me use her car. I was home very quickly. After I started holding him he calmed down very quickly. The Dr.'s office was closed for lunch at this time, so I left a message for the nurse to call back (which btw cost me $15 - stupid). The Dr. requested that we come in so we did. He was doing fine by this time and he passed her exam.

She said we need to make an appointment with a Pediatric Neurologist as soon as we can in D.C. I made the appointment and John wants to see if I can change it because our new insurance starts on July 5th and that's only a bit over a week after the appointment I made. Our new insurance is amazing and we don't anticipate having to pay anything for the appointment with the new insurance.

Today I have some girlfriends coming over to help me organize the house. I would really like my house to be ready for pack out (the day the movers come over) before we go to MN because when we come back from MN we're very busy.

Tonight my pastor's daughter is graduating High School. I really want to go, but we still have just one car and I don't now when John's going to get home from work. It's his last day there and who knows what he's going to have to accomplish today before leaving. He's really enjoyed his time at Benny Hinn Ministries. God has given him a lot of favor there and it's been a big blessing for us.

I've been quite emotional the last couple of days. I hope it gets easier when I get out of Texas because I don't like being a depressed and distant wife/mother.