Sunday, March 22, 2015

Sports Day

Simon's school had Sports Day this week. The parents were told to make sure they saw the opening ceremony at 9:00 a.m. I had an appointment at 10, so I told Simon that we could see the opening ceremony or some sports later. He told us he wanted us to see some sports later, so that's what we did.

After my off-compound appointment I drove my work car back to work and got in our personal car with Johnathan. When we got to the school we had to park on someone's yard because there were cars everywhere.

When we got into the school we found Simon in his blue team shirt with blue paint in his hair and a 2nd place ribbon on his shirt. He told us he got it for playing football (soccer). He almost immediately started asking for us to take him home. It was a really hot day and he was obviously tired. We told him we weren't going home.

The school really went all out for Sports Day. There was a snacks vendor with cakes, cupcakes, and snow cones! We had a cherry snow cone, and it was horrible. Johnathan loved it, though we ate less than half of one. I resisted the very strong urge to have a cake or cupcake. That was not easy at all.

Simon found a shell and wanted to wash it and go to the bathroom. At the end of this long ordeal, I heard the head-teacher calling out for Simon so we rushed outside and he entered a potato sack race. The poor guy was so tired. He did get third place, but I feel like he would have done better if he wasn't so hot and tired.

After that there was a long time that Simon didn't do anything. Johnathan and I decided to go to lunch. I'm not a huge fan of being really hot, or super loud crowds of people. So to have those two things at the same time made me eager to get out of dodge. Simon repeated his desires to leave, and we had to tell him we weren't going home. As we were walking out of the school he was walking to the playground, so I think he ended up being fine.  I wish I had a picture of Simon at Sports Day. I thought I took one with my phone and can't find it.

Then we went and had sushi at Roe, a nice-ish Jamaican restaurant. We need to go again because they have rice-less sushi. It's wrapped in thinly sliced cucumber. We're gonna have to check that out.

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