Friday, June 4, 2010

State Department Weekly Roundup!

I have to begin with thanking Kolbi for getting this started, and reiterate that it is a ton of work. A. Ton. Of. Work. I wish I had more time to work on it and am glad that I started composing this on Wednesday. You people kept blogging though, so there were many revisions over the last 48 hours. I apologize if I forgot someone - and I know there are a ton more State bloggers out there. It's amazing how many people are blogging about their adventures.

So without further adieu I bring you the State Department Weekly Roundup...

When moving day arrives or is very close at least:

The Perlman Update prepared herself for pack out and shared a picture with us of what it looks like in India.

Email From The Embassy is having her life packed up before her eyes, and is praising her son's school.

Something Edited This Way Comes is purging her apartment of maternity and baby things and stocking up on bedding for her daughter, diapers for her son, and a few food items before the move to Italy.

Cyberbones took advantage of her hubby's day off for Memorial Day while their kids were in school - or occupied anyway - to get some more pre-moving things done.

The Dinoia Family said "see you later" to their things and is enjoying a few days of normalcy before they leave for VA.

Barefoot In The Kitchen is counting down until Packout and Wheels Up for India.

Short Term Memory said hello and goodbye to two spots each in Philly and NYC before they depart for Nicaragua.

You Can Call Me Al left for post this week.

The Oil Spill affects Foreign Service Families:

MOPPYSEED PUFFIN can't get the dinner she wants in D.C. because of the oil spill in the Golf of Mexico but enjoys her visitors anyway.

The Diplodocus is being affected on his vacation to New Orleans.

Speaking of travel...

Lees On The Go is very proud of her boys' travel skills.

SassAndSweet finished their trip to DC and posted some night time pictures for us to enjoy.

Lindsey Mae's blog enjoyed a wonderful weekend getaway and shared with us some very funny things you find on the shelf in Manila.

Noble Glomads finished up their trip to North Carolina with the Highland Games.

We in the Foreign Service love food and drinks!

Half-Breed Outlaw is enjoying some very interesting and tasty treats.

from the back of beyond hosted their classmates at their place for a guac-off and enjoyed great food, booze, and company.

FOR LACK OF TACOS thinks she's a bit bananafied and discovers she really does like Dominican coffee.

Two Crabs enjoyed some delicious Baltimore crabs and beer!

Tuk & Tam shared a delicious story about palachinki. My mouth is watering!

Fawda Munathema learned some new ways to make some commonly eaten foods!

Those entering or trying to enter the Foreign Service:

The World that We Live in is officially joining the Foreign Service in August - Congratulations! And welcome to the family!

travel orders announced that Andy passed the QEP! Congrats Andy!

The B Files talks gardening and her hopes to get MED clearance this week and on the register soon!

I'll Take Mine...To Go Please! wonders if she does have nice things to say about the Foreign Service, celebrates her daughter's birthday, and has a Tiger for a husband!

FSO Wannabe wonders if he's a travel snob.

Remembering the fallen this Memorial Day:

Fabling and her family remember at an American cemetery in Manila.

Diplopundit put up the May 2010 blog Index and reminded us that Freedom Isn't Free with a nice tribute to Andrew Olmstead.

HICK/HITCHHIKER/...DIPLOMAT (!?) remembers this Memorial Day and paints a very nice picture of Memorial Day in the U.S.

Regular Life Happens.

Where In The World Is Luca Galeno experienced her son's first hair cut!

Code Yellow Mom is blogging again and regales us with wonderful stories of some of her keepsakes.

EF'M: The Life of an FSO Spouse is lamenting how small the world really is.

Life After Jersualem is celebrating LGBT month.

at post is showing us glorious photos of shopping around the world.

Minnesota Gal is taking a Spiritual journey through the act of tithing and is changing her business model.

lime of sight went camping in West Virginia and wonders if there's much wildlife in that state.

A Daring Adventure lists the pros and cons of PCS and TDY. This is actually a great tool - thank you for sharing it with us!

Delhi Bound's kids finished school and they're looking forward to a summer full of fun!

BEYOND THE CORNFIELDS is learning about Bangladesh, even enjoying an unaccompanied visit to FSI, and invites her readers to come for a visit.

The Skeptical Bureaucrat reports on a report of violence against Americans and the status of al-Qaida's #3.

DiploJournal celebrates his silver wedding anniversary and the graduation of his son from University! Congrats - on both!

Simmons Says brags on her rock star brother.

Newbie to the Roundup:

The Embassy Wife experiences a new desire for trash pick up on the weekends.

Shameless Plug:

TeamRoy Adventures I originally intended him (my hubbie) to be a newbie, but he didn't blog about our awesome adventures this week, so check out his previous blog posts and keep him in mind because this weekend or next week he should have some awesome stories to tell.

Next week the Roundup will be at Ryan and Lori's Exciting Adventures. Please sign up here for your turn on the Roundup.


Linsey said...

This is my first visit to your blog. I found you via Email from the Embassy. The round-up is great. I love reading about FSO lives in other parts of the Diplosphere. I'll be back. It's nice to have company in this often difficult, but always surprising lifestyle.

World Travelers said...

Great job Sara - glad to see you're keeping busy in Costa Rica!

Daniela said...

Excellent Roundup! I am going to do it one of these days just have to pick a date. Thanks for putting it together and thanks for the mention!

roysie said...

Well done, Sara. Thanks for including me!

Donna said...

Nice job! That does look like a lot of work. Thanks for doing it, though. Once again, I found some new blogs to read.

TSB said...

Thanks for putting this together. Several of those blogs were new to me. Have a good weekend!

Anonymous said...

thanks for the link!

A Daring Adventure said...

Fabulous job, Sara! I love how you put it all together!

Thank you so much for volunteering to host this week, and thank you for the mention!

Jen said...

Great job! Thanks so much for taking this on this week, I can only imagine how much work went into it!

Bfiles said...

great job, as others have said! so nice of you to mention me!

Brian... said...

Good work! I like just getting to read all the blurbs...quick and easy.

Jill said...

Fab fab fab! I appreciate the mention and photo ... and all the work that you put into this!