Wednesday, June 16, 2010


I'm getting older. I'm certainly by no means old. But I'm definitely getting older. It's unavoidable of course. I've been observing some things about my body lately that are annoying. I can't be as lazy about things as I used to be. For instance, I used to get away with using lotion very infrequently. Now I need it more than I ever have. I could probably do it every day.

There are other observations that I've made. But I'll save you from them. My house is coming together more. I went through most of our decorations and said "yes you're staying" or "you can be donated to someone." I didn't really say these things - I'm not that crazy. It turns out that my maid loved the decorations that I wanted to pass on. So she took them off my hands for me. Tomorrow the guest room bed is going to be put together. I have to clean off the stuff on it first. Sigh. Where to put everything?!

We never had an office in Dallas. A small corner in our bedroom is where the desk, computer, etc. were. The corner we have here is much bigger, yet I can't figure out where to put all of the "office" stuff. For one thing, the desk we have now has zero drawers. I lost seven drawers in this transition. Also, you wouldn't know it right now, but it's not really a desk you should set stuff on. It's a very sleek glass top desk and it's covered in crap now, but it looks much better when it's not.

Malachi's friend is over right now. This is their last play date before his friend leaves for the summer. I feel so bad for Malachi because he doesn't have any other friends right now. Once we get our car to drive we're going to start going to church. Malachi should make some friends there. And then in August he'll start Kindergarten (cry) and that'll really help.

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Steph said...

So you decided on public school then? Was that a hard decision? I loved seeing some of your house. I would love to see the rest of it. Next time we Skype you should give me a tour!