Sunday, September 26, 2010

Super Dasband

On the plane ride home after passing the Oral Assessment
My friend at A Daring Adventure is writing up the next State Blog Roundup and has actually given an assignment on topics to write for the roundup. The topic she assigned is: "When I/we _________, I Wish I'd/We'd Known..."

I have a feeling a lot of complaining is going to come out of that sentence and I didn't want to complain in this post. So I decided to do something a little different. It's not going to be about life in State, it's going to be about me and my husband.

When I was growing up, I wish I'd known how amazing my husband was going to be.

You see (and if you're a Wife - Mommy - Woman reader you probably already know this because I've admitted it before) I'm quite a selfish and lazy person. These are traits I've known about myself for a lot time and they're things I try to work on - but changing who you are is no easy process.

My husband, however, is amazing. He's always taking care of the kids and I. He works hard for us every day and then comes home and spends a couple of hours with us, cooking, reading to Malachi, and hanging out with us unselfishly until the kids go to bed; at which time he gets to play video games, or watch TV, or basically do whatever he wants, unless he wants to do what I want to do. So I kind of feel like he's a Super Hero Dad and Husband rolled into one. He's the new Super Dasband.

And I feel like I can't live up to Dasband. I wish I knew when I was developing my personality that I'd have such an amazing husband. Maybe I would have become someone who could be called Super. Now don't get me wrong. I by no means think I'm a bad mom or wife. He's just better at it all than I am. Because he's Super.

I love you John - I have for over 13 years and I know I will forever. Thank you for being Super Dasband to our kids and me.


A Daring Adventure said...

Awwww... that's so sweet!

I have one of those, too. It's a wonderful feeling!

Thanks so much for doing this!

Sara said...

Thank YOU for this new format. I think it's really going to help the future hosts.

Jen said...

Oh, that is a really sweet post and love the nickname!

Sara said...

LOL thanks.

John said...


Connie said...

That is a sweet post :) and I love the photo!

Sara said...

Thanks Connie! When I was writing the post that picture came into mind immediately. It's perfect.